Why Pre-Order?

When readers pre-order a book, it effects every level of the industry, from the printer to the bookseller. Below are the big reasons to pre-order broken down into bit-sized bits. 

The Supply Chain: Not a usual reason to pre-order, but what's causing the problem? Paper shortages, a limited number of printers, shipping delays, warehouses and other businesses being short staffed. The list goes on. 

Support the Author: Pre-orders show the publisher that there is a demand for an author's work and subsequently keeps that author in a job and keeps their books in readers' hands. It also helps publishers see market trends. Want more trans representation, sapphic love stories, fairytale retellings, or BIPOC stories? Pre-order those books! 

Support Local Bookstores: Pre-ordering books from your local bookseller helps them out a lot! Pre-ordering a book lets a bookstore know how many copies they should order upfront to make sure readers have books in hand ASAP. 

Love Your Library: Booksellers understand books are a luxury item. Enter your local library. Requesting that your local library order a few copies of a book for their inventory still falls under the "pre-order" umbrella makes that book available to other readers in your community. 

Save Money!: Books ordered 2 weeks before their publication date are 20% off!

***Note*** The 20% pre-order discount is applied manually after the order is placed

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