A Cozy Evening: Apple Cinnamon Honey Pie with Big Swiss by Jen Beagin

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About the Book:

Greta lives with her friend Sabine in an ancient Dutch farmhouse in Hudson, New York. The house is unrenovated, uninsulated, and full of bees. Greta spends her days transcribing therapy sessions for a sex coach who calls himself Om. She becomes infatuated with his newest client, a repressed married woman she affectionately refers to as Big Swiss.

One day, Greta recognizes Big Swiss’s voice in town and they quickly become enmeshed. While Big Swiss is unaware Greta has eavesdropped on her most intimate exchanges, Greta has never been more herself with anyone. Her attraction to Big Swiss overrides her guilt, and she’ll do anything to sustain the relationship…

About the Pie:

This pie is sweetened almost entirely with honey instead of cane sugar allowing the flavor of honey and the natural sweetness from locally grown apples to shine through. A healthy dose of cinnamon adds depth to the pie while the lemon juice brings everything together. This pie is best enjoyed warmed while curled up under a cozy blanket with a love story.

(Dairy-free option available)


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