Used Book Policy

The Crowded Bookshelf Used Book Policy 

The Crowded Bookshelf accepts gently used second-hand books. In exchange for used books, we offer store credit that can be applied to new book purchases. 

How it works:

If we accept a used book, the customer receives a quarter of the original cover price in credit. The credit is then used to pay for 15% of any new book(s) purchased. Credit can ONLY be applied to new books. 

An Example:

We accept a book that was originally priced at $10. The customer is given $2.50 in credit. 

The customer purchases a new book priced at $15.99. 

15% of 15.99 is 2.40. 

$2.40 of the customer’s credit is used to pay for the book, so the customer only pays $13.59 (plus tax) out of pocket. 

The customer then has $0.10 left in credit. 


What We Don’t Accept:

Damaged books (torn or missing covers, missing pages, water damage, etc.)

Smelly or hairy books (cigarette smoke, pet fur/dander)

Hardcover books that have a paperback edition available 

Hardcover books with no dust jacket (if there is no paperback edition available) 

Books with writing or highlighting on the pages

What We Are Looking For:

Gently used books in good, readable condition 

Recently published books (within the last 5-7 years) and perennial sellers (classics, beloved children’s books, etc.)

Books for all ages (babies to adults) of all genres (fiction to nonfiction, scifi to literary) 


We have limited storage space so we are VERY picky about what we accept. If you are looking to clear out space in your home, we recommend donating your books to the Poudre Friends of the Library

If you have books you would like for us to consider, please email and we will be in touch.